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The Daily Band

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Hello and welcome to The Daily Band. This is a community in which you can rate and discuss the work of whichever artist or band is posted for the day. If you have heard the artist's/band's work, please comment and discuss, as discussion and/or debate is practically the lifeline of this community.

Send requests to the entry linked on the userinfo page.

The artists/bands will be kept track of in the memories section, so if you wish to go back and comment or (re)vote on whoever it was for the day, feel free.

Rating Guidelines: If you're unsure of how to rate a band based on the numbers 0 through 10 (occasionally, this goes up to 11!), here are some handy rating guidelines provided by our dear member hardly_angelic:

10 = The best ever. I love everything they've ever done without exception. The band logo is tattooed on my ass.

5 = Completely average. Can take them or leave them.

0 = Vomit-inducing. Wouldn't walk across the street to see them play for free, even if they were giving away free booze.

(Rating a band with a number in between those provided shouldn't need an explanation, should it?)

And remember, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Please be respectful of others.

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